1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Over 30 years of Real Estate Investment & Development
Based in the Northern California, Laguna2 Real Estate has worked throughout the Western U.S., identifying investment opportunities in key metropolitan markets.  Primary focus has been on land and source of funds for residential Communities.
With its background grounded in the early 80's merchant home building business, it has grown and developed into a leading source and supplier of entitled land for merchant builders and developers.  In addition, Laguna2 has sourced or provided structured investment financing for land acquisition and development for multiple projects for outside development interests.
The Group has funded the purchase, managed entitlements and developed projects in a wide range of sizes, from small 30 unit Residential Subdivisions to larger mixed use Master Planned Communities (2500 units) and larger area wide Specific Plans of more than 11,000 units.
With over 30 years of experience in real estate investment, development and finance.  Laguna2 has been involved with the acquisition, entitlement and disposition of more than 35,000 units throughout the west and southwest.​ 
Our Business
    Acquisition/Entitlement/Development/Disposition Acquires and/or brokers raw land and redevelopment opportunities that meet its financial and development criteria. Each potential project is analysed and designed to determine its highest and best use, then taken through local zoning and entitlement processes for final development approvals. Once completed, the project is developed or sold.
  2. Acquisition
    Data Analysis/Product Design/Financial Analysis. Using local representation markets are analysed for trends within a region. Once a site is identified we work with local architectural and land planning groups to design and formulate a preliminary project concept to determine the sites highest and best use. Using the project conceptual design a financial analysis is developed.
  3. Entitlements
    Pre-development/Project Planning. Each project is unique in nature with different requirements for land planning and construction approvals. Using the best professional businesses with local experience and contacts processing any required planning and zoning entitlement issues.
  4. Development
    Using Local Teams. Primary focus is on land and does not staff for construction. Prefer to venture the project with existing merchant builders/developers or employ local/regional teams to manage and complete project construction.
  5. Disposition
    Marketing/Sales Projects are marketed and sold to the local and national home building investment and development community.
The Team
Michael Barker
Jose McNeil
Sampling of Previous Projects
  1. East Franklin
    East Franklin
    East Franklin Specific Plan, Elk Grove, California. East Franklin - Specific Plan is a master planned community located on 2,474 acres consisting of 10,103 residential units, 53 acres of commercial development, and over 180 acres of parks and open space.
  2. Little John's Creek
    Little John's Creek
    Little John's Creek, Stockton CA 465 Single Family Homes
  3. Twin Cities Estates
    Twin Cities Estates
    Twin Cities Estates, Galt, CA - Master Plan Community 1250 Units
  4. Laguna Meadows
    Laguna Meadows
    Laguna Meadows, Elk Grove CA - 223 SF Units
  5. Laguna Meadows - 2
    Laguna Meadows - 2
    Laguna Meadows 2, Elk Grove CA - 221 SF Units 265 MF UNits
  6. Dell Oak Custom
    Dell Oak Custom
    Dell Oak Estates - San Antonio TX - 100 Custom lot subdivision
  7. Copper Canyon
    Copper Canyon
    Copper Canyon, Sparks NV- Acquired for SunCal Companies
  8. Helmer - Mahaila
    Helmer - Mahaila
    Helmer - Mahaila Homes - Henderson, NV
  9. Laguna Meadows 3
    Laguna Meadows 3
    Laguna Meadows 3 - Elk Grove CA - 225 SF Units
  10. Alan's Park
    Alan's Park
    Alan's Park - Henderson, NV - 63 Unit SF
  11. Helmer Homes
    Helmer Homes
    Helmer Homes - Henderson, NV 165 Unit SF Development (Acquisition, Design & Build)
  12. River Edge
    River Edge
    River Edge, Boise ID - Project & Structured Finance consult to LandPro - 650 Bed Off Campus Student Housing Development
  13. The Vista West
    The Vista West
    The Vista West - Boise, ID - Land Acquisition Financing - Off Campus Student Housing Development
  14. Partial List of Residential Projects
    Partial List of Residential Projects
  15. Kindred Transitional Care Facility
    Kindred Transitional Care Facility
    Kindred Transitional Care Facility - Phoenix, AZ - Equity formation - 120 bed healthcare facility.